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ITKAM is an association founded in Germany in 1911 by a group of Italian and German entrepreneurs and it is officially recognized by the Italian State as a Foreign Chamber of Commerce.

ITKAM aims to support SMEs in their business development by promoting international business relationships.

ITKAM is part of a network of over 78 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and the experience gained in numerous community projects means that its range of action is not limited exclusively to Italy and Germany but extended to all European and international markets.

The association involves over 400 entrepreneurs operating in various fields, offering a personalized service through complete and structured market analysis, personalized acquisition of partners and customers, the research for staff and managers and of M&A opportunities.

A few days ago we took part to the first (online) event organized to celebrate the 110th anniversary of ITKAM foundation.
Since its creation, ITKAM has been one of the reference points of Italian-German business community (together with AHK – German Chamber of Commerce in Italy) it promotes economic and commercial relations with a view to mutual exchange, knowledge and growth.
Germany and Italy are the two main business players in Europe: Germany is Italy’s first economic – commercial partner and our country is equally important in Germany.

Every day, in every sector, we have experience of how necessary collaboration is at European level and specifically how Italy – Germany interaction is important, since the respective economic and commercial trends are linked to each other and interdependent.

ITKAM has an in-depth knowledge of both markets in which it operates and provides companies and organizations with a wide range of experience and knowledge, thanks to a dense network of partners and the bilingual staff of its offices in Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig and other representative offices in Italy, Germany and Austria.

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