Margo Piattaforma Cribis

At Cablotech we are driven by the desire to improve ourselves, take new paths and consolidate the foundations of our business.

After having formalized the association with ITKAM – Italian-German Chamber of Commerce for the development of the cross-border market and shared the recognition of “Prime Company” obtained by CRIBIS for the third consecutive year, we decided to experiment an innovative way to strengthen our presence in the Italian market.

For this reason, some weeks ago, Cablotech has implemented the use of “Margò” platform in our commercial and marketing procedures.

It consists in a marketing intelligence platform created by CRIBIS, a company of the CRIF group, specialized in the supply of economic and commercial information, services for the development of web based business and data integration and lead management solutions.

CRIBIS guarantees the highest quality standards thanks to its membership in the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network.

The use of Margo Platform offers countless advantages: first of all, it provides useful tools to increase turnover and sales through the analysis and targeting of over 6 million Italian companies; it allows to create lists of prospects with the desired characteristics or among the most similar to current customers through a search method based on the use of more than 300 filters; it also allows to identify the best companies to contact by analyzing the markets and studying its potential growth.
Margò platform uses a semantic search engine that allows to monitor both customers and historical suppliers and at the same time facilitates the search of new ones.

Through the analysis of market maps, it allows to deepen the characteristics and trends of the reference sectors, as well as it allows to create commercial campaigns and to monitor the performances.
The Margò platform also offers us the valuable opportunity to verify our own positioning on the Italian market, analyzing our penetration rate and our growth potential.

In an extremely difficult economic moment in which the market is increasingly complex and with increasingly narrow margins, a change of perspective is required: the customer cannot be the simple object of the transaction, but it is necessary that he becomes the subject with whom to build relationships of mutual value.

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