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Cablotech the company with a vision

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CABLOTECH was established in 1994 as a wiring manufacturer, by a team of experts with twenty years of experience in the field. Our services are suitable for application to a number of market areas, such as:

  1. Airport sector

    Lighting systems. Read more

  2. Electromedical sector

    Diagnostic units, podiatry, chairs and  dental equipment. Read more

  3. Industrial automation

    Food sector, consumer goods. Read more

  4. Railway industry

    Components for air-conditioning systems. Read more

  5. Scientific research

    Electrical panels for experimental instrumentation/equipment. Read more

  6. Electromechanical

    Uninterruptible power supply, welders, spot welders, battery chargers. Read more

  7. Industrial devices

    Floor cleaners, metal cleaning machines, testing stands. Read more

  8. Automatic machines

    Vending machines, parking meters, coin change machines, automated payment machines. Read more