Cablotech c'è - Covid 19

In compliance with urgent measure for containing and managing the spread of virus Covid-19, we inform that Cablotech does not suspend the production as expressly included among the production activities deemed essential.

Find below the full text of the document sent to all our customers:

In compliance with the orders issued by the Italian government in recent weeks (and, in particular, the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 11, 2020), providing for urgent measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the country, Cablotech S.r.l. has adopted all of the restrictive measures required for the health and safety of its own employees and those of its customers and suppliers.

With the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 22, 2020, further, new restrictive measures entered into force, including, in particular, the suspension of all commercial and industrial production activities, with the exception of those deemed essential and expressly indicated in the attachment to the decree and their respective supply chains.

Cablotech’s business falls within ATECO Code 33.20.02 (“installation of electric and electronic devices for telecommunications, radio/television transmission devices, electric and electronic equipment systems (excluding installation inside of buildings)”) and is, therefore, expressly included among the business activities that are allowed to continue (ATECO Code 33 macro-category).

Cablotech intends to support its customers, providing operational continuity, in strict compliance with the government orders and with the March 14, 2020 “Shared protocol regulating the measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace” (as contemplated by article 1(3) of the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 22, 2020).

However, the situation is complex and continues to evolve.

Cablotech is trying to plan its production for the coming weeks and, as you can imagine, production has already been drastically reduced in order to comply with the restrictive measures.

Despite Cablotech’s best efforts, we cannot rule out or foresee the adoption of further restrictive measures or possible delays in production and relating deliveries, due, among other things, to possible decisions by Cablotech suppliers to suspend their activities.

Should that occur, in any case the delays would be of an exceptional and temporary nature, due to unforeseeable, unavoidable events of force majeure, in no way depending on Cablotech.

We will therefore provide you with updates concerning the delivery of orders in the process of being filled.

Download the document in PDF format

Sponsorizzazione Vini Zabù KTM

For the second year running Cablotech S.r.l. announces with pleasure the renewal of its support as sponsor to the professional sports team Vini Zabù – KTM.

The sports group, managed by Angelo Citracca and with Luca Scinto in charge of the team, will participate to the next Giro d’Italia starting in Budapest on 9 May.
The approach to the Rosa race will be marked by important events such as the UAE Tour, the Milan Sanremo and the Giro di Sicilia.

Cablotech will see its logo on the collar of the jersey, carried around the world in the many commitments of 2020 season.

Massimiliano Golfieri, Cablotech production manager, comments: “When we founded our electric cable company, my father and I would have never thought to take part of a Giro d’Italia as sponsor of a professional cycling team. It is a source of satisfaction and pride for us given our passion for cycling. It is also a great gift given that starting of Giro d’Italia, May 9th, coincides with my birthday. Taking advantage of a few days of vacation I will be at the starting line! “

Cribis Prime Company 2020

Also this year CABLOTECH Srl proudly announces that it has received the award CRIBIS Prime Company, for the second year running. The accreditation of the highest level of economic and commercial reliability conferred on it by CRIBIS D&B, a group highly specialized in providing economic information, credit scoring and solutions for business decisions.

As partner of Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network – leader in global business information – CRIBIS offers access to information of over 300 million companies worldwide, thanks to an alliance with the best local business information suppliers. It also guarantees maximum reliability in the economic and commercial information of the companies.

The Cribis Prime Company is awarded to companies that constantly maintain high commercial reliability and are virtuous in payments to suppliers.

This recognition confirms the high level of economic and commercial solidity of CABLOTECH Srl – evidence of the constant commitment made in the 26 years of activity – confirming it as the ideal commercial partner for the production of CUSTOMIZED ELECTRIC HARNESSES, SWITCHBOARDS AND ELECTROMECHANICAL ASSEMBLIES for different product sectors.

Mr. Valter Golfieri, CEO of Cablotech Srl, thus commented this acknowledgment: “Having obtained this prestigious award for the second year running is source of great pride for us, confirming that constant attention and care for all economic and financial aspects have been rewarded. I thank all the people who have cooperated for the achievement of this important milestone! “

Premio Mascagni 2018

On 9th November 2018 Cablotech was awarded the Paolo Mascagni “Imprese che crescono” Prize.

This award, that since 2018 has told the history of 288 companies, was established by Confindustria Emilia Area Centro in cooperation with Il Resto del Carlino.
Cablotech was one of the 54 companies which took part to the 7th edition of the event.

At the award ceremony there were prominent personalities of the regional and national productive landscape: vice presidents of Confindustria Emilia Mr. Valter Caiumi and Mr. Riccardo Maiarelli, general director of Confindustria Emilia Mrs. Tiziana Ferrari, the director of QN and Il Resto del Carlino Mr. Paolo Giacomin, chief innovation evangelist of Bip Group Mr. Ivan Ortenzi and the head of advisory of Korn Ferry Mrs. Cinzia Tommasi.

More than one participant highlighted how at the center of the territorial development there is the capacity of innovation and growth of companies and businessmen, who combine in their daily activity tradition, ideas and dedication to work.

If the company resists and grows, the whole territory draws strength from it: development is always a value, independently form starting dimensions.
Cablotech with its history is an instance of it: “We were born in a small garage with the desire to create a competitive activity in the field of wirings”.
It is possible to say that the purpose has been reached, considering that today the group counts 65 partners in a 3400 m2 area.
We are partner of an American multinational and operate in different fields, from the medical sector to the one of lighting for shows.

Farete 2019

FARETE 2019, the business meeting point at Bologna Fiere, 4-5 September 2019. Thanks for visiting the stand!

Farete 2019 stand
Farete 2019 - Danza
Le ballerine della Scuola Danza che hanno salutato gli espositori con la loro esibizione.