On October 5th and 6th 2021 Cablotech exhibit at the first edition of the BT EXPO (Biomedical Technologies Expo) fair in Modena, the event that brings together the representatives of business and craft associations of the biomedical district.

Cablotech booth at B.T. Expo 2021

This event was born by the will of a Technical Scientific Committee that brings together the representatives of business and craft associations of the biomedical district. It is a showcase of excellence, but also a unique opportunity to participate in an event with a program full of meetings, conferences and workshops that involved the major players in the sector and speakers among the major representatives of the university and business world.

BT EXPO wants to be an event with a strong innovative content, born from the comparison with all the entrepreneurial realities present in Mirandola, where the most important biomedical industrial district at national level and one of the first in the world is active.

The event involved the best of the entrepreneurial realities operating in the entire technological and production chain of the sector; from components to the finished product passing through the various electro-medical, measurement and control equipment. All seven sectors into which the medical device sector is traditionally divided – biomedical, electro-medical, in vitro diagnostics, biomedical instrumental, services and software, technical equipment, borderline – were represented at the highest levels.

Cablotech is a full-fledged supplier of wiring in the sector, where we are appreciated as competent and reliable partners also in the assembly of electromedical equipment, including the latest generation mammographs and tomographs. Our presence as exhibitors represents for us two days of intense networking, finally in presence and in complete safety, with the major players in the sector.

A complete format that will allow us to evaluate with Italian and international visitors the most innovative solutions to contribute with our consolidated know-how to the development of the biomedical sector.

Gran Premio di Varignana 2021 - Cablotech

The Varignana cycling race, which was born in 1952 involving hundreds of cyclists and enthusiasts over the years, this year started in Cablotech square.

On 25 September Cablotech proudly greeted the departure of the national and foreign teams in the Elite and Under 23 categories.

The history of the Grand Prix

The race deeps its roots in historic “Varignana Cup”, a regional race that from 1952 to 2019 was an important event for Italian amateurs, involving hundreds of cyclists and enthusiasts.

In 2020 the race did not take place due to the pandemic.

The first edition of the new national cycling race dedicated to the Elite and Under 23 categories took place on 25 September 2021: Varignana Grand Prix.

The 2021 edition

This year the organizing committee, made up of Asd Sergio Dalfiume 1952, Biotraining Cycling Team Asd and Polisportiva Villafontana di Medicina Asd, wanted to leave more motivated and determined than ever to create a noteworthy event.

National teams and some foreign teams (English, French and Russian) were invited to the event, involving about 300 people including athletes, sports directors and technicians.

The circuit has also been renewed: the route of 137 km and 1289 meters in altitude started from the square of Cablotech plant in Osteria Grande to then unwind along  a spectacular renovated and panoramic circuit on the hills between Castel San Pietro Terme, Liano and Varignana.

Gran Premio di Varignana 2021 - Cablotech

The sporting event took place with the partnership of Palazzo di Varignana which hosted the award ceremony; in addition, the adoption of  “Terre & Motori – Drive in the Heart of Italy” brand, a territorial tourism promotion project for the 23 municipalities participating in Con.Ami and the participation of the metropolitan city aim to transform Varignana Grand Prix into a sporting event of national significance that can attract more and more participants every year, giving them the opportunity to compete and stand out wishing to access the world of professionalism.

The winner

The race was won by Riccardo Lucca of General Store-Essegibi-F.lli Curia team. He was awarded by mayor Tinti within the suggestive setting of Palazzo Varignana.

Gran Premio di Varignana 2021 - Cablotech

Cablotech pride

For Cablotech, among the sponsors of Varignana Grand Prix event, which also includes the Cablotech Trophy, is a matter of pride. In fact, Golfieri family has been passionate about cycling for years, sponsoring over the years cycling teams that have also distinguished themselves in very important races, such as Giro d’Italia.

Video highlights

Cablotech Azienda

Cablotech’s primary objectives have always been to Protect and improve the work environment by adopting solutions capable of optimizing it in a sustainable way by developing the economy and promoting the well-being of people.

In 1969 John McConnell, during the UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, proposed to “celebrate the life and beauty of the Earth to promote peace” with the aim of inducing all men to take serious measures to preserve and renew the ecological balance on which all life on Earth depends. The proposal gained a strong consensus and the first celebration of Earth Day was on April 22nd, 1970. The event, with a purely ecological character, now involves more than 180 countries and is celebrated every year all over the world.

On September 25th, 2015, the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and since 2019 Europe has placed the “Green Economy” at the center of its policy, inviting “to work from an international perspective, encouraging countries, ‘industry and people to join in this mission”.

Since 1994, the year of its foundation, Cablotech has always shared these principles aimed at preserving the environment, trying to adopt all the tools available to act daily as a green company. It began with the separate collection of plastic, paper, cardboard and the disposal of waste from the processing of electrical cables to ensure the recovery of copper wires, in compliance with the environmental laws governing the complex sector of special waste.

In 1999 the company moved to its current 3200 square meter headquarters. During the renovation phase, all the asbestos roofing was disposed of and replaced with a thermal insulating base on which a 47 kW photovoltaic system was placed, sufficient to cover the company’s energy needs.
Over the years, the company has never stopped integrating new tools that promote energy saving and improve the lives of its employees.

The previously used boiler has been replaced with a new condensing one; the windows were replaced with double glazing to optimize thermal insulation.

The lighting system has also been renewed: the lamps have been replaced with a new LED system which not only improves the visual effect for workers, but is also allowing a 50% consumption reduction. An adiabatic cooling system was installed which leads to an improvement in the internal temperature with a reduction of ¾ degrees. Finally 200 m² of green area were created.

Cablotech persists in the transformation process into a green company with the aim of operating responsibly in compliance with international standards to improve energy efficiency by exploiting renewable sources, reduce energy costs to optimize the budget dedicated to production and increase its reputation.

According to a recent study by Unioncamere (source), in recent years there has been a real acceleration of companies investing in green to promote sustainability and efficiency. If the number of companies oriented and adhering to these aspects is constantly growing, it follows that the Green Economy has evident positive effects, not only limited to the environmental issue, but they also affect competitiveness, favouring company performance.

We hope these evidences will push companies, which still didn’t, to convert by adopting more sustainable models.

CNA Imola visita Cablotech

We had the pleasure of receiving the first official visit of Mr. Luca Palladino, President of CNA Imola Metropolitan Association, elected on June 29, together with the CNA General Secretary Mr. Sergio Silvestrini and the director Mrs. Ornella Bova.

During the meeting we presented the story of CABLOTECH: from its birth in the family garage to its current reality of 3200 square meters and 50 employees, which has been reached thanks to the continuous desire to improve and always achieve new growth goals.

We illustrated how CABLOTECH is facing the current pandemic situation, which forced us to slow down in production with a few months of layoffs. Now we fortunately overcame thanks to a recovery due to numerous requests from new customers who have brought back to a satisfactory production level.

During the visit to the production plant we presented the new layout and the new investments in machinery and equipment thanks to which it was possible to optimize productivity.

The improvements made also aim to keep the focus on safety for employees and on the importance of making the work environment more comfortable.

We would like to thank Imola CNA delegation for the visit and for the interest shown.

We are confident that we can continue the satisfactory collaboration with the aim of constant growth as a local company.

It’s possible to in-depth the article on CNA Imola website →

In May 2019 Cablotech s.r.l. obtained the Legality Rating for the first time; in recent days it has been awarded the renewal of this important recognition, with the aim of promoting and introducing principles of legality and ethics in the business environment.

In today’s economic and social context, the criteria for evaluating the solidity and competitiveness of a company are radically changing: growth is no longer dictated only by balance, profits and losses; instead, the reputational aspect, compliance with the company Code of Ethics, contributing to the general well-being of the community, investment in human capital and protection of the environment are increasingly important.

To “measure” these parameters and give them a concrete and quantifiable value, in 2012 the Antitrust Authority (AGCM) introduced the Legality Rating in order to offer adequate recognition to virtuous companies that demonstrate to have high legal and economic standards of legality that are indicative of the attention paid to the proper management of one’s business.

To date, over 6,000 companies have been awarded the Legality Rating which is assigned a score ranging from one to three stars.

Cablotech obtained a 2-star rating in 2019 and today, on the occasion of the renewal, confirmed the positioning: we have not yet reached the maximum score but, for the moment, we can be satisfied.

What are the advantages deriving from the Legality Rating?

First of all, being present in the list of companies awarded the Legality Rating increases the economic reputation of the company by promoting its visibility on the national market but also improving its competitive positioning at an international level.

In fact, customers and suppliers are increasingly drawing on this list to search for a business partner.

The attribution of the Rating has positive effects also from the point of view of the economic reliability, respectability and credibility of the companies: in fact it also guarantees benefits of an economic nature since it is recognized by our legal system.

For example, the Public Administrations, when preparing the provisions for granting loans, take into account belonging to this list guaranteeing these companies a preferential position in the ranking, assigning an additional score and reserving a share of the financial resources allocated.

Credit Institutions take into account the rating to favor a reduction in the time and costs for granting loans and consider it a decisive variable for the evaluation of access to credit and for the determination of the economic conditions of disbursement.

Who can obtain the Legality Rating?

All companies, both Italian and foreign, which have their operational headquarters in Italy and which have been registered in the business register for at least 2 years at the date of the Rating request, must have achieved a minimum turnover of 2 million euros in the last financial year ended the year preceding the request for the Rating.

The Legality Rating has no cost for companies, has a duration of 2 years from issue and can be renewed upon request.

In Cablotech we have some projects of some importance at the internal organizational level, that we hope, on the occasion of the next renewal in 2023, will allow us to reach the maximum score.

Margo Piattaforma Cribis

At Cablotech we are driven by the desire to improve ourselves, take new paths and consolidate the foundations of our business.

After having formalized the association with ITKAM – Italian-German Chamber of Commerce for the development of the cross-border market and shared the recognition of “Prime Company” obtained by CRIBIS for the third consecutive year, we decided to experiment an innovative way to strengthen our presence in the Italian market.

For this reason, some weeks ago, Cablotech has implemented the use of “Margò” platform in our commercial and marketing procedures.

It consists in a marketing intelligence platform created by CRIBIS, a company of the CRIF group, specialized in the supply of economic and commercial information, services for the development of web based business and data integration and lead management solutions.

CRIBIS guarantees the highest quality standards thanks to its membership in the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network.

The use of Margo Platform offers countless advantages: first of all, it provides useful tools to increase turnover and sales through the analysis and targeting of over 6 million Italian companies; it allows to create lists of prospects with the desired characteristics or among the most similar to current customers through a search method based on the use of more than 300 filters; it also allows to identify the best companies to contact by analyzing the markets and studying its potential growth.
Margò platform uses a semantic search engine that allows to monitor both customers and historical suppliers and at the same time facilitates the search of new ones.

Through the analysis of market maps, it allows to deepen the characteristics and trends of the reference sectors, as well as it allows to create commercial campaigns and to monitor the performances.
The Margò platform also offers us the valuable opportunity to verify our own positioning on the Italian market, analyzing our penetration rate and our growth potential.

In an extremely difficult economic moment in which the market is increasingly complex and with increasingly narrow margins, a change of perspective is required: the customer cannot be the simple object of the transaction, but it is necessary that he becomes the subject with whom to build relationships of mutual value.

Discover more on CRIBIS