Social Media Policy

Purpose and scope

The Company CABLOTECH S.R.L., hereinafter for short referred to as the Company, intends to use a number of social media and instant messaging services for institutional communication purposes, in particular to promote the company image, its products and/or services, to inform followers about the initiatives or events organized, as well as to collect suggestions, comments and questions of a general nature.
In addition, social channels are used to encourage participation, interaction and dialogue with customers and users, with a view to transparency, sharing and informing on the Company products and/or services.
This document defines the guidelines (“netiquette”) for the use of social media. This use takes place in compliance with administrative provisions and legal regulations. Currently the Company social profiles are present on the following platforms:

Any other social and messaging profiles that appear as referring to the Company are NOT managed by the Company or attributable to it.


Through its Social Media profiles and instant messaging services, the Company may share and relaunch contents and messages of public interest and utility, also published by third parties (such as institutional subjects, press agencies and newspapers). In these cases, the Company merely verifies the reliability of the source, but does not certify its contents. The presence of any advertising space in the margins of the contents published on the pages of the Social Media is not under the control of the Company, but is managed independently by the platforms of the same Social networks.
The channels produce their own textual contents, photographs, infographics, videos and other multimedia materials that must be considered under a Creative Commons CC BY-ND 3.0 licence (Attribution – Non-derivative works they can be reproduced freely, but must always be credited to the original reference channel.
Any comments reported under the Company’s posts and users’ posts, the authors of which must always introduce themselves with their first name and surname, which mention the Company, represent the opinion of individuals and not the opinion of the Company itself, which cannot be held responsible for the truthfulness or untruthfulness of what is posted on the channels by third parties, legal or natural entities.

Rules of Conduct

The Company Social Media profiles and instant messaging services are managed by the Marketing and Communication function, where employees operate, formally designated as authorized subjects, and with whom external suppliers who intervene on a specific service contract collaborate (hereinafter for short referred to as the Staff).

There is no preventive moderation and for this reason, the Company asks users, who interact with its social channels, to respect a number of simple but important rules:

  1. Express your opinion with politeness, correctness, respect and using appropriate language. Insults, vulgarity, offences, threats and, in general, violent or defamatory attitudes and behaviour are not tolerated. It is understood that everyone is responsible, also legally, for the content they publish and the opinions they express.
  2. The contents and comments must be relevant to the activity and topics covered by the Company (on topic).
  3. Any person submitting data, news or opinions on facts or specific issues is invited to propose well-founded and non-specious arguments and to refer to reliable and verifiable sources.
  4. The published contents must always respect the sphere of confidentiality of persons. In any case, references to facts or details that are not of public relevance and that harm the personal sphere of third parties should be avoided.
  5. No form of advertising, spam or promotion of private interests or lawful or illegal activities is permitted.
  6. Content that infringes copyright or the unauthorized use of trademarks is not permitted.


The Company Social Media channels are moderated during the work days by the staff and each request is monitored and processed, with the aim of responding to all requests whenever possible, or diverting them to the competent staff to identify the most relevant answer.
In general, direct response to mentions, messages or comments is not guaranteed and there are no minimum or maximum response times. The staff reserves the right to respond to comments and messages or to intervene in discussions only when it recognizes their actual usefulness, also in terms of correct information to the public and having evaluated the correctness and adequacy of the communication style adopted by the user.

The contents

In any case, where possible, all posts, comments or audio/video materials that:

  • use inappropriate language and/or a threatening, violent, vulgar or offensive tone;
  • present illicit content or incitement to carry out illegal activities;
    promote products and services other than those produced or marketed by the Company;
  • directly or indirectly disclose personal data and information (names, e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, tax codes, current account numbers, addresses, protocol numbers of documents or practices, videos or photos of recognizable persons, etc.) or that in any way may cause harm or damage the sphere of confidentiality or reputation of the data subjects;
  • report, directly or indirectly, information relating to minors;
    have discriminatory content based on gender, race, ethnicity, language, religious beliefs, political opinions, sexual orientation, age, personal and social conditions, health;
  • have spam purposes;
  • promote or support lawful or illegal activities, which infringe copyright or misuse a registered trademark;
  • in general, that are not consistent with the Company communication purposes and with the communicative contents of its social profiles (off topic)

For anyone who breaches these conditions, the Staff reserves the right to use the ban or block (when possible, after a first warning) and, in the most serious cases (for example the promotion or support of illegal activities or the committing of any form of crime or damage to third parties), to report the user to the platform managers and possibly to the relevant authorities.

The Company Social Media channels cannot be used to request (through direct messages, comments, mentions, etc.) personal information or direct assistance (for example on practices, personal issues, reports, etc.). For these requirements, always refer to the official contact channels.

Anyone who follows a Social Media channel of the Company cannot be guaranteed to be automatically followed by the Company.

If the Company follows other users’ accounts, makes friends with them or enters them in its lists of interest, or comments on other users’ content and/or assigns “likes”, this does not imply sharing, by the Company, of the line of thought of the users concerned or the approval of all the content published by them.

Personal Data Protection

The users’ personal data processing complies with the policies in use on the platforms used. Personal data entered in comments or public posts within the Company Social Media channels may be removed.
The data shared by users through private messages sent directly to the channel operators will be processed in compliance with the regulations in force on the protection of personal data and with the Privacy policy on the Company Website.