Model 231

The Legislative Decree 231/2001 (Decree) introduced in the Italian legal system the regime of administrative liability of Entities for particular offences committed in the interest or to the advantage of the same by persons with representative and management functions or by persons subject to the control or supervision of the same.

The function of the regulation is to build a system of procedures and structured and organic control activities, in order to prevent the commission of the various types of offences provided for in the decree.

Cablotech has adopted its own Organization, Management and Control Model (MOGC) by resolution of the Board of Directors.

With this choice, Cablotech wants to ensure conditions of fairness and transparency in the conduct of business activities, wants to identify a series of preventive measures that make up an internal control system in order to reduce risks and offer greater protection to corporate governance.

Supervisory Body

Cablotech’s Board of Directors, simultaneously with the adoption of the MOCG, has also set up the Supervisory Body (SB), a collegial body, with independent powers of initiative and control, which has the task of supervising the functionality, effectiveness and compliance with the Model itself.

Cablotech’s stakeholders may report any violation or suspected violation of the Organizational Model.

The confidentiality of the reporter’s identity is guaranteed, without prejudice to legal obligations, in order to protect the reporter against any form of retaliation, understood as an act that may give rise even to the mere suspicion of being a form of discrimination or penalisation.

All stakeholders may send reports and any requests for information to the Supervisory Body as follows:

  1. E-mail to the address:;
  2. Letter in a sealed envelope by physical mail to the address: Cablotech S.r.l. – Organismo di Vigilanza – Via Umbria, 6 – 6/A, 40024 Osteria Grande (BO).