Valter with us…

10 April 2023

The sudden disappearance of Valter Golfieri, our boss, leaves a void, but his teaching and personality remain alive in us His final lesson underscores the fragility of happiness and encourages us to pursue ambitious goals in his memory.

Valter Golfieri - 1950 - 2023

Valter Golfieri (1950 – 2023)

Our boss, Valter, left like this, suddenly, leaving us all shocked and with a huge sense of emptiness inside. But this doesn’t stop any of us from thinking about all that he has left us: professionally and humanly. In the company, in every corner of it, his voice echoes. Sometimes severe tones, often playful and ironic, but always faithful to his inimitable personality which made him special in the eyes of those who knew him.

His humility was and will be a teacher of life for many people and time will never fade the memory. His joy and positivity will help many of us to overcome moments of difficulty that certainly won’t be lacking.

We must not believe even for a moment that everything is over now, because this is just the beginning of a long journey. Now we need to find his smile in the blue sky and run to reach increasingly ambitious goals as he would like.

Strengthened by his teaching, it will be necessary to continue on the path he traced. This time he gave us the greatest of teachings, that is that between life and death there is only a moment and the fragility of happiness is hidden in it.

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