Code of ethics

The Code of Ethics is a fundamental instrument for carrying out the company activities, whose observance is essential for the proper functioning, reliability, reputation and image of the company and whose principles are the foundations for the success and development of the company.

Cablotech has adopted its own Code of Ethics, which sets forth the principles and criteria of conduct to guide all Directors, Employees and all those who work in whatever capacities with Cablotech.

Cablotech has drawn up this Code of Ethics in order to clearly and transparently outline the values it inspires to, the conduct to adopt in achieving the company goals, and to encourage the development of the company culture.

The Code of Ethics sets out principles suitable for preventing unlawful conduct indicated in Decree I: therefore, it acquires relevance for the purposes of the Model and formally constitutes an integral component of the Model itself.

The Code of Ethics defines the ethical principles in order to prevent behaviours that may lead to the commission of the types of offenses provided for by the Decree; the rules of conduct contained in the Model are integrated with the principles and specifications of the Code of Ethics in a virtuous synergy.

In order to apply the Code of Ethics, specific responsibilities have been assigned to the Supervisory Body, including:

  • Promoting coherence between the principles of the Code of Ethics and company policies;
  • Checking the application of and compliance with the Code of Ethics through Ethical Internal Auditing;
  • Receiving and analysing reports of violations of the Code of Ethics and taking care of the related investigation;

Cablotech’s stakeholders may report any violation or suspected violation of the Code of Ethics.

The confidentiality of the reporter’s identity is guaranteed, without prejudice to legal obligations, in order to protect the reporter against any form of retaliation, understood as an act that may give rise even to the mere suspicion of being a form of discrimination or penalisation.

All stakeholders may send reports and any requests for information to the Supervisory Body as follows:

  1. E-mail to the address:;
  2. Letter in a sealed envelope by physical mail to the address: Cablotech S.r.l. – Organismo di Vigilanza – Via Umbria, 6 – 6/A, 40024 Osteria Grande (BO).