Cablotech experience, Made in Italy quality.

Backed by over 25 years of experience working with electrical panels, wiring and assemblies, we supply our customers around the world with large and small custom solutions, providing results that always exceed expectations.

Cablotech Wiring harnesses

Wiring harnesses

Our services span every stage of your project, from the initial design to final testing, ensuring a high level of reliability and compliance with every requirement.

We use state-of-the-art equipment for cutting and processing single-core, multicore, signal, control, ribbon and power cables.

Electrical panels

Electrical panels are at the heart of every system. They are responsible for the management, control and distribution of electricity.

Each Cablotech electrical panel is built and tested according to its usage needs, final destination, and applicable regulations. We take the utmost care at every stage of production, on-machine wiring and testing to deliver the best possible final product.

Control Boards Cabling - Cablotech
Electromechanical Assembly Board - Cablotech


By connecting various elements of complex machines, our electromechanical assemblies enable the transmission of energy and data.

We offer subassembly services, allowing us to integrate electrical, mechanical and hydropneumatic components, assemble electronic modules, and carry out oscilloscope, multimeter and rigidity tests.

We can bring your project to life

In this video, we will tell about our work and what we can do for your company.

Industrial solutions

We operate in various industrial sectors to ensure our customers’ success. The experience we have accumulated over the years allows us to thoroughly evaluate each problem in order to suggest the best solutions and create market-leading products.

Static Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

Static Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

Electromedical systems

Electromedical systems

Industrial cleaning machines

Industrial cleaning machines

Welding machines and systems

Welding machines and systems


Company employees
+40% in 5 years


Square metre
production plant


Non-compliant pieces 1,245
out of 1,237,382 produced from 2019 to 2020


Resolution of compliance issues
with total customer satisfaction


Three decades of innovation: Celebrating Cablotech’s 30th anniversary

Cablotech celebrates its 30th anniversary by reflecting on its past, present and future. The evolution from the home garage in 1993, the challenges of the economic crisis, the expansions through innovations and modernization that have made it the solid reality in the wiring, electrical panels and electromechanical assembly sector that it is today. But Cablotech's history is yet to be written. An article by the General Manager, Massimiliano Golfieri.

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Gran Premio Varignana 2023: Cablotech trophy is Memorial Valter Golfieri

The historic event combined tradition, cycling passion and tribute to Valter Golfieri.

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