Cablotech's commitment to quality goes further.

Every process we carry out follows a precise and thorough procedure that defines how the job is prepared, carried out, checked, packed and shipped.

Quality - Iso 9001 Automatic vertical storage systems Cablotech

Cablotech srl is ISO 9001-TUV certified since 2002 and follows the relevant environmental regulations. All waste materials produced by our processes are recycled. We operate in full compliance with safety and accident prevention regulations.
The material used complies with RoHS 2, 2011/65/EC.

In 2008 we completed the installation of a photovoltaic system sufficient for our annual energy needs, while disposing of all asbestos components in our plant.
We have also carried out a major optimisation of internal processes that has resulted in a 50% reduction in the company’s use of methane gas.
In order to reduce the environmental impact of our production, we pay close attention to energy saving and are constantly looking for improvements in processing efficiency.

Cablotech offers a warranty on its service relating to correct operation if the specifications are consistent with the minimum efficiency requirements for a period of 24 months.
Exceptions to the above warranty are all causes of malfunction attributable to the customer/user, such as but not limited to: incorrect and/or non-compliant use, lack of maintenance, operation in an unsuitable environment, lack of expertise and diligence on the part of the operator.

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Cablotech quality process

Each order acquired is reviewed in order to guarantee the customer the maximum level of flexibility in relation to the time required and the workload in the company.
The actual job order then takes shape and arrives in production complete with all the indications for picking up the materials and the relative processing (BOM, Processing Cycle, Control Cards).
The processing cycle is integrated in the company management system and each phase is tracked in terms of both time and quantity. Constant monitoring of the progress of the order and complete production traceability allow the customer to be informed in real time about the status of his order.

In the case of cabling, we start with the preparation of the necessary electrical cables through cutting, stripping and marking – always carried out using specialised automatic machines. All operations are subject to in-process dimensional and visual checks.
The cycle then includes a crimping phase (application of electrical terminals) carried out where possible with automated processes or, if the project requires it, in semi-automatic mode using the most suitable equipment. In this phase – the most critical for the production of wiring – our protocol provides for rigorous monitoring using specific control systems: dynamometer for tightness checks and micrometric measuring of crimping heights to check the correctness of the procedure.
All products are manufactured to quality control standards within our ISO9001quality system.

The terminal assembly of the wiring and the possibility of computerised electrical testing ensure that the final wiring is free from reversals and short circuits. In the case of electromechanical and electric panels assemblies Cablotech has the possibility to carry out specific final tests, both functional and qualitative, with the relevant records and declarations.

The packaging and shipping stages can be customised according to the needs of each customer and are part of the general management protocol for the order.
The results obtained over the years thanks to our attention to quality encourage us to share our know-how and tools with our customers, often proposing ourselves as a partner for the co-design of the cabling.

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