The world’s transportation systems are challenged to increase efficiency and reduce costs while providing a safe environment for passengers. For airports and railways, this means that they must be able to handle aircraft and train traffic more efficiently and safely.

Pre-assembled wiring harness - Cablotech

Enduring quality and efficiency in infrastructure components for the transportation sector

At Cablotech, we believe in making the most of your infrastructure. That’s why we specialize in wiring for airport lighting systems, railroad track boxes, and wiring for railroad maintenance equipment.

We know that every piece of equipment in your infrastructure represents an opportunity to make a difference: an opportunity to save time, money and resources on repairs and maintenance; an opportunity to improve efficiency; and an opportunity to ensure that your employees feel safe and comfortable while they work.

And we are here to help you make the most of this potential by providing high-quality products made with durability and efficiency in mind.

Our team is always ready to answer your questions and assist you at all stages, from product selection to production.

Tell us about your project and let's create an opportunity together to make a difference.

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