For over 25 years, Cablotech has been meeting all your wiring needs, offering reliable and innovative solutions for signal cables, ribbon cables and power cables.

We have numerous successful partnerships that span every sector of the industry, allowing us to constantly test our design and production skills and achieve results that always exceed your expectations.

We are able to offer a comprehensive service that spans every phase of each project, from design to final testing, ensuring optimal order management and quality control.
Created to suit different sectors and types of equipment, our wiring harnesses are widely recognised for their high level of customisation.

Wiring solder connectors - Cablotech

Wiring experience

Electrical cables and connectors play an essential role in every industrial system, which is why our technicians take their role so seriously, creating organised and well-finished solutions for any electronic application.

To optimise our wiring, we need to assess its final purpose and destination, allowing us to choose the best materials and methods from the many options at our disposal.

By drawing on our experience, we are always able to select the most effective components and solutions for each customer project, taking all the regulatory standards into consideration to ensure that the wiring is safe, reliable, compliant and efficient.

Electrical cables to suit every need

Our production process encompasses a wide range of standard items such as single-core, multi-core, signal and power cables, CE or AWG, crimped or otherwise. Additionally, we offer ribbon cables with inkjet marking on specific boards, assembled with automatic strapping machines.

We create power cables measuring up to 185 mm2, as well as round and ribbon cables with up to 64 connectors. All products have UL, SCA, IMQ-HAR and VDE approval for the North American (NAFTA) and European markets.

In order to respond promptly to each customer’s requests, Cablotech is equipped with two automated vertical warehouses to store all the necessary components, ensuring that the efficiency of the design phase is continued throughout the logistics and production phases.

Pre-assembled wiring harness - Cablotech
Pre-assembled wiring harness - Cablotech

High-quality custom wiring harnesses, Made in Italy

When it comes to pre-assembled wiring harnesses, we are responsible for the entire process, from the design phase, based on CAD drawings of circuit diagrams, to the development study on behalf of the customer, through to the final implementation and testing.
Our cable processing equipment is state-of-the-art, delivering world-class results in terms of cutting, stripping, crimping, soldering and working with terminals.

We also produce wiring with black and white inkjet marking, hot stamping, labels or nameplates, created using special printers and preformed wiring. Finally, we can make wiring harnesses with crimped or soldered MIL connectors.
Our testing systems ensure the best possible seals and crimping to guarantee maximum reliability.

Industrial applications of Cablotech wiring

We operate in various industrial sectors to ensure our customers’ success. The experience we have accumulated over the years allows us to thoroughly evaluate each problem in order to suggest the best solutions and create market-leading products.

Static Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

Static Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS)

Electromedical systems

Electromedical systems

Industrial cleaning machines

Industrial cleaning machines

Welding machines and systems

Welding machines and systems

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