A static uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system provides instantaneous backup power from a battery when mains power fails. It can also control the power supply so that other faults do not damage equipment on the power line.

When connected to a UPS system, critical infrastructures such as data centers and communication networks are able to stay online, whereas without this type of protection, these systems could suffer catastrophic failures due to unforeseen power outages.

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Experts in wiring hanesses and assembly of UPSs and electronic equipment for critical infrastructures

For more than 25 years, our company has been dedicated to the wiring and assembly of critical infrastructure electronic equipment to provide secure and continuous power to data centers and communication networks. We are experts in the field and suppliers for leading industries with proven track records.

In today’s increasingly connected world, a power outage in a critical infrastructure can have devastating consequences. That’s why we specialize in wiring and assembling electronic equipment to ensure safe, uninterrupted power to data centers and communications networks.

Tell us about your project related to the world of critical infrastructure and UPS, we may have the right solution for you!

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