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Cablotech’s primary objectives have always been to Protect and improve the work environment by adopting solutions capable of optimizing it in a sustainable way by developing the economy and promoting the well-being of people.

In 1969 John McConnell, during the UNESCO Conference in San Francisco, proposed to “celebrate the life and beauty of the Earth to promote peace” with the aim of inducing all men to take serious measures to preserve and renew the ecological balance on which all life on Earth depends. The proposal gained a strong consensus and the first celebration of Earth Day was on April 22nd, 1970. The event, with a purely ecological character, now involves more than 180 countries and is celebrated every year all over the world.

On September 25th, 2015, the United Nations approved the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development and since 2019 Europe has placed the “Green Economy” at the center of its policy, inviting “to work from an international perspective, encouraging countries, ‘industry and people to join in this mission”.

Since 1994, the year of its foundation, Cablotech has always shared these principles aimed at preserving the environment, trying to adopt all the tools available to act daily as a green company. It began with the separate collection of plastic, paper, cardboard and the disposal of waste from the processing of electrical cables to ensure the recovery of copper wires, in compliance with the environmental laws governing the complex sector of special waste.

In 1999 the company moved to its current 3200 square meter headquarters. During the renovation phase, all the asbestos roofing was disposed of and replaced with a thermal insulating base on which a 47 kW photovoltaic system was placed, sufficient to cover the company’s energy needs.
Over the years, the company has never stopped integrating new tools that promote energy saving and improve the lives of its employees.

The previously used boiler has been replaced with a new condensing one; the windows were replaced with double glazing to optimize thermal insulation.

The lighting system has also been renewed: the lamps have been replaced with a new LED system which not only improves the visual effect for workers, but is also allowing a 50% consumption reduction. An adiabatic cooling system was installed which leads to an improvement in the internal temperature with a reduction of ¾ degrees. Finally 200 m² of green area were created.

Cablotech persists in the transformation process into a green company with the aim of operating responsibly in compliance with international standards to improve energy efficiency by exploiting renewable sources, reduce energy costs to optimize the budget dedicated to production and increase its reputation.

According to a recent study by Unioncamere (source), in recent years there has been a real acceleration of companies investing in green to promote sustainability and efficiency. If the number of companies oriented and adhering to these aspects is constantly growing, it follows that the Green Economy has evident positive effects, not only limited to the environmental issue, but they also affect competitiveness, favouring company performance.

We hope these evidences will push companies, which still didn’t, to convert by adopting more sustainable models.

Cablotech c'è - Covid 19

Cablotech informs all customers and suppliers that it will be exceptionally closed on Friday – April 10th to carry out a preventive sanitation to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

In such a difficult situation Cablotech S.r.l. wants to ensure its employees a safe working environment.                     

The Company will be operative again on Tuesday – April 14th.  

Cablotech c'è - Covid 19

In compliance with urgent measure for containing and managing the spread of virus Covid-19, we inform that Cablotech does not suspend the production as expressly included among the production activities deemed essential.

Find below the full text of the document sent to all our customers:

In compliance with the orders issued by the Italian government in recent weeks (and, in particular, the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 11, 2020), providing for urgent measures to contain the spread of the COVID-19 virus throughout the country, Cablotech S.r.l. has adopted all of the restrictive measures required for the health and safety of its own employees and those of its customers and suppliers.

With the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 22, 2020, further, new restrictive measures entered into force, including, in particular, the suspension of all commercial and industrial production activities, with the exception of those deemed essential and expressly indicated in the attachment to the decree and their respective supply chains.

Cablotech’s business falls within ATECO Code 33.20.02 (“installation of electric and electronic devices for telecommunications, radio/television transmission devices, electric and electronic equipment systems (excluding installation inside of buildings)”) and is, therefore, expressly included among the business activities that are allowed to continue (ATECO Code 33 macro-category).

Cablotech intends to support its customers, providing operational continuity, in strict compliance with the government orders and with the March 14, 2020 “Shared protocol regulating the measures to contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace” (as contemplated by article 1(3) of the Prime Minister’s Decree of March 22, 2020).

However, the situation is complex and continues to evolve.

Cablotech is trying to plan its production for the coming weeks and, as you can imagine, production has already been drastically reduced in order to comply with the restrictive measures.

Despite Cablotech’s best efforts, we cannot rule out or foresee the adoption of further restrictive measures or possible delays in production and relating deliveries, due, among other things, to possible decisions by Cablotech suppliers to suspend their activities.

Should that occur, in any case the delays would be of an exceptional and temporary nature, due to unforeseeable, unavoidable events of force majeure, in no way depending on Cablotech.

We will therefore provide you with updates concerning the delivery of orders in the process of being filled.

Download the document in PDF format

We are proud to announce the publication of a new corporate video which we believe represent the professionalism and passion we daily put into our productive operations. We’d like to thank White Studio for it’s ability summarizing our essence so effectively.

Again on Cablotech investments: new cutting-stripping-crimping machine provided with a gripper system which allows minimal overhang. It allows a better wire  positioning for a maximum performance of the machine with very small terminals. It’s possible to handle a  wide range of wire types (12AWG -30AWG) and length (min. 25 mm – depending on the stripping length) . The machine is even equipped with Tool Cart  for an easy replacement both of  applicators and coil  terminals.  It’s even provided with  presses – controlled by brushless motors – able to control the crimping forces and to schedule running and machine  cycle. A digital micrometer supports the quality,  measuring crimp height and sending the results directly to the automatic machine. Then, if new sections are requested, a  Sencor allows to update  the cutting group with most corrected data  The same software is shared  with the other similar machines of the company.cr11
A new hydraulic press to crimp bulk terminals up to 400 mm2., with about 250 storable programmable features. The machine is also provided with a  trigger and a very fast cycle. Quite perceptible  feature considering also the importance of the sections crimped.

The last equipment we list is a stripping and crimping machine to process  multi-core cables with very small sections, ranging  from 12AWG to 30AWG. All stripping parameters and special functions are set and saved on a dedicated panel. It’s also equipped with terminal oiler for gold terminals and cut strip.
Obviously Cablotech intent is to persevere along this continuous improvement process, in order to guarantee an utmost attention to our customer.

In order to continue the growth strategy, Cablotech recently made several and precise investments.


The server room has been completely renewed, now it lists  a cluster on an IBM hardware, both of new generation. This instrument guarantees a better and safer  performance thanks to a widely oversized hardware. The server room is protected by a total protection double firewall with constant contents analysis. A daily high efficiency backups system – with virtual machine remote  saving – is juxtaposed  to this protection and it is related both  to the production and to the offices. The mentioned performance upgrade has obvious virtuous consequences improving  the overall working quality and the production system, simplifying  the information exchange, and the ordinary practices automation.

Investments continued with the replacement of the black and white inkjet printers.
We point up the inclusion of new equipment concerning  the cutting and stripping of the  “white”  line managed by a sophisticated and very efficient software. As well as for the “black” line, the introduced  printer allows machining able to mark a wire with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm equal to  a 24 AWG style 1007 with the bold font. In shut down phase there is an automatic nozzle block. This guarantees a low solvent consumption.

For the “white” line  our choice was oriented toward machines able to treat pigmented ink even in the standby phase, granting highly reliable  start-stop operations. This last one –  in  60 micron version – allows to mark a wire with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm equal to a 22AWG style 1007 without bold font.


Another action involved a new WP-cable software installed on the  black  ink jet printer of the flat cables cutting line. It  allows to place and to characterize  the text according to the customer’s specification.         All new installed printers are equipped with luminous column and horn, alerting in case of downtime or low level of consumables.


All new installed printers are equipped with luminous column and horn, alerting in case of downtime or low level of consumables.

Below is a short list of more machines and equipment recently introduced in our manufacturing process:

Modular cutting and stripping machine,  equipped with a booster on the cutting head to process  wires with an outside diameter of 35 mm or 240 mm². The machine has a multi-blade cutting head and is equipped with a Smart system. A slitting unit has been  inserted on longitudinal cutting to  allows stripping far above the usual standard. In the video (below-to the left) it is shown a processing example, referring to a cable 3100 mm long with a stripping length of 1400 mm performed with the slitting unit. Obviously an appropriate software has been installed on the cutting and stripping machine , achieving a significant increasing of the necessary flexibility managing the data in the library,  reducing consequently possible setting  errors and saving time. If the customer provides a file in text format (ASCII) our technical department can easily import lists over 1000 lines with wire or cable data. The software has been updated to the latest version on every cutting and stripping machine  and this process will continue to follow up.

Many more are the functions that can be applied to the machine.


Cablotech has the pleasure to announce that during 2013, pursuing it’s aim to invest in technology, increased its tooling numbers of Mini Applicators exceeding 100 units. Mini Applicator is the main tool to crimp terminals to electric wires and it is essential to obtain an high quality processing.

40% of our Mini Applicators include height adjustment of the conductor and the insulator crimping of the electrical cables with the continuous micrometer collar through 0.01resolution of each position, instead of the traditional and less reliable notch ring.

This solution has been applied to most terminals with section from AWG26 to AWG18 where crimping precision is highly requested. Our target is to improve constantly the quality level in such a fundamental cabling stroke.

On October 8th, 2013 has been completed the installation of the new marking device combined to a full automatic crimping system.

The new marking device has a jet speed control system which ensure an high print quality and has an exclusive cleaning system allowing the device to start without problem.

At the same time the software which manages the cutting/stripping/crimping device and the new marking device has been updated.