In this 2020 “uphill started” we are thrilled thinking that tomorrow, Saturday – August 8th, 2020, we will debut as a sponsor on the Vini Zabù-KTM jerseys during the 111th edition of the Classicissima Milano-Sanremo.

Go guys, Clablotech is cheering for you!

Cablotech Riparte - Articolo il Sole 24 Ore

The health emergency has put Cablotech as well in difficulties, although it continued the activity thanks to  ATECO code and as supplier of the medical supply chain and data centers UPS.

Orders and production dropped but it met all economic commitments by closing the first quarter in a draw and deciding not to suffer events but to take advantage of this time to carry out projects for which it had already made important investments: the reorganization of the production layout to optimize flows with a substantial reorganization of the factory and the intervention on the logo and website to communicate the new corporate identity which will be introduced in the coming months. Determined to transform this period of difficulty into opportunity, it prepares itself at the best for the restart.

News article on Il Sole 24 Ore – Saturday June 6th, 2020
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Umberto Marengo KTM Cablotech

Last February we informed you about our Vini Zabu KTM cycling team sponsorship.

Today we are proud to tell you about another aspect of this cooperation: in such a difficult period due to Coronavirus health emergency, we are very happy to support this team that is distinguishing itself not only for cycling performances.

The athlete Umberto Marengo, winner of a fraction of the Tour of Utah in 2019, took the field to bring his free and solidarity aid to Collegno, the city where he lives.

Always riding his KTM, the runner grinds km on km to deliver food, material and supportive packages to the most needy families. An optional way to continue training while giving concrete help during the lockdown.

During this health emergency Cablotech is present both at the production level and with the heart of the athletes it supports. CABLOTECH C’È.

E di Umberto Marengo e della sua splendida iniziativa si è parlato anche al TG1 delle ore 20#ForZabù

Pubblicato da Vini Zabù – KTM su Giovedì 23 aprile 2020
TG1 April 23rd
Sponsorizzazione Vini Zabù KTM

For the second year running Cablotech S.r.l. announces with pleasure the renewal of its support as sponsor to the professional sports team Vini Zabù – KTM.

The sports group, managed by Angelo Citracca and with Luca Scinto in charge of the team, will participate to the next Giro d’Italia starting in Budapest on 9 May.
The approach to the Rosa race will be marked by important events such as the UAE Tour, the Milan Sanremo and the Giro di Sicilia.

Cablotech will see its logo on the collar of the jersey, carried around the world in the many commitments of 2020 season.

Massimiliano Golfieri, Cablotech production manager, comments: “When we founded our electric cable company, my father and I would have never thought to take part of a Giro d’Italia as sponsor of a professional cycling team. It is a source of satisfaction and pride for us given our passion for cycling. It is also a great gift given that starting of Giro d’Italia, May 9th, coincides with my birthday. Taking advantage of a few days of vacation I will be at the starting line! “

On May 17th, the companies that have passed the first selection of premium Women Value Company 2017, established by Marisa Bellisario Foundation, have been awarded inside the wonderful location of the 18° century Palazzo della Residenza building, headquarter of Intesa San Paolo Group in Via Farini – Bologna. The partecipants were more than 600 companies, only 23 of them received the accreditation and Cablotech was between the worthy. Mrs Lella Golfo, member of Italian Parliament and president of Marisa Bellisario Foundation, awarded our chairman Mr. Valter Golfieri. Woman Value Company aims to highlight public and private small and medium-sized companies, mainly with Italian capital and belonging to any groups. It was requested to have recorded a good financial performance and highlighted female talent, placing women at the centre of their growth strategy. It is a great satisfaction and pride to be listed among the 23 granted companies. With such an achievement, have been enhanced the peculiarities of our company that, despite dealing with harnesses and switchboards, counts 44 women out of a total of 64 employees. This accomplishment is dedicated to all women Cablotech that with determination, dedication and commitment are able to balance work, with a busy schedule in private life: taking care of children – the school and extracurricular activities, home care, the care of the oldest relatives and of the family in general. With various tasks and responsibilities both in the offices and in the production department, women Cablotech have always guaranteed a good quality work, ensuring on-time delivery and customer satisfaction. Your spirit of sacrifice and polyhedrical character allowed the company to grow and evolve over the years on order to get this wonderful achievement. Of course, our thanks goes to our men as well, who always work with you in a constant and profitable manner.
A heartfelt thanks from the entire Golfieri Family.
WVC foto di gruppo aziende bologna

Marisa Bellisario
She was born near Cuneo in 1935. She graduated from the University in Turin with a degree Economics. Her adventure in the world of new technologies began with a job in the Electronics Division of Olivetti. She is immediately a well-respected manager at national and international level for his decision-making, ability and skills. She took very few years to achieve important  professional challenges:  In 1963 Olivetti decided to sell the electronic division to General Electric and she took care of the transaction. In 1979 she was appointed as Chairman of Olivetti Corporation of America.  In 1981 she returned to Italy to take the reins of Italtel. In those years, Italtel was passing through a phase of acute recession: it was a colossal company housing over 30,000 employees and 30 electromechanical companies which were either obsolete and facing serious loss. As CEO, Marisa was obliged to make courageous difficult and farsighted choices.  Marisa succeeded in the miracle of transforming a conglomerate of diverse and numerous plants into a modern, dynamic and innovative electronic company. It was a clear cut managerial success story which was written into the manuals of economics as an example of restructuring a public company.  Her capabilities and accomplishments garnered the award for manager of the year in 1986. Hers is the first woman career, in our country, in the world of telecommunications and information technology.

Marisa Bellisario Foundation
Marisa Bellisario Foundation was constituted in 1987 by Lella Golfo, freelance journalist, Commander of the Italian Republic and member of the Italian Parliament. The Foundation main target  is to draw the attention of the political world, the Institutions, Entrepreneurship and the world of work towards innovative ideas and projects, in order to promote and support  female skills achievement, at national and international level. The list of winning women is the achievement of the best Italian feminine professional skills and energies. The Foundation is the oldest and most authoritative Italian female Association. Bellisario Award has over the years acknowledged and enhanced the talent of many Italian women entrepreneurs, managers and professionals, to foster a culture that sees women as resource key of economy and society.

Spring is urging and, as usual, activities bloom outside. 2016 spring will not be remembered as a usual one. 7 stages golf CABLOTOUR will take place and will involve the most prestigious and technically skilled facilities of the region. Seven, like Holy Spirit gifts, like theological and cardinal virtues, like the seas number up to the ancient Greeks subdivision and like the wonders number of the antique and modern world. Please forgive if our enthusiasm somehow dragged us evocating but actually  the program taking place from March to October can shake the wrists veins. Emilia Romagna chosen structures, will host an exciting challenge, which will take our breath away up to the last hole thanks to important champions who will perform in elegant and comfortable arenas. We wish the public will perceives the purpose of the event and will attend in considerable number. We even wish that this challenging and gratifying enterprise will approach more and more people to our sport, stimulating them trying and fatally making them falling in love with it.

Here are the CABLOTOUR dates:
13.3 – Bologna Golf Club (Bo)
3.4 – Golf Club Le Fonti (Bo)
25.4 – Matilde di Canossa (Re)
15.5 – Cervia (Ra)
10.7 – Rimini (Rn)
11.9 – Argenta (Fe) 
1.10 – Modena Golf&Country Club


Cablotech has participated in a very stimulating and interesting artistic project, centred on the creative collaboration between enterprises and artWe are glad of having been involved in this project together with 20 of the most important enterprises in the Bologna territory and with the CNA Association of Bologna, making a dream of sculptor Michele D’Aniello come true.

In such difficult times, we have believed in relaunching “Made in Italy” products associated with art, flagship of our country.

Among the objectives, there is the will to demonstrate the strong synergy between enterprise and contemporary art. This is backed up by a recent study carried out by ERVET (Emilia Romagna Agency for the Economic Enhancement of the Territory), which confirms that culture enhances the economy.