Gran Premio di Varignana 2021 - Cablotech

The Varignana cycling race, which was born in 1952 involving hundreds of cyclists and enthusiasts over the years, this year started in Cablotech square.

On 25 September Cablotech proudly greeted the departure of the national and foreign teams in the Elite and Under 23 categories.

The history of the Grand Prix

The race deeps its roots in historic “Varignana Cup”, a regional race that from 1952 to 2019 was an important event for Italian amateurs, involving hundreds of cyclists and enthusiasts.

In 2020 the race did not take place due to the pandemic.

The first edition of the new national cycling race dedicated to the Elite and Under 23 categories took place on 25 September 2021: Varignana Grand Prix.

The 2021 edition

This year the organizing committee, made up of Asd Sergio Dalfiume 1952, Biotraining Cycling Team Asd and Polisportiva Villafontana di Medicina Asd, wanted to leave more motivated and determined than ever to create a noteworthy event.

National teams and some foreign teams (English, French and Russian) were invited to the event, involving about 300 people including athletes, sports directors and technicians.

The circuit has also been renewed: the route of 137 km and 1289 meters in altitude started from the square of Cablotech plant in Osteria Grande to then unwind along  a spectacular renovated and panoramic circuit on the hills between Castel San Pietro Terme, Liano and Varignana.

Gran Premio di Varignana 2021 - Cablotech

The sporting event took place with the partnership of Palazzo di Varignana which hosted the award ceremony; in addition, the adoption of  “Terre & Motori – Drive in the Heart of Italy” brand, a territorial tourism promotion project for the 23 municipalities participating in Con.Ami and the participation of the metropolitan city aim to transform Varignana Grand Prix into a sporting event of national significance that can attract more and more participants every year, giving them the opportunity to compete and stand out wishing to access the world of professionalism.

The winner

The race was won by Riccardo Lucca of General Store-Essegibi-F.lli Curia team. He was awarded by mayor Tinti within the suggestive setting of Palazzo Varignana.

Gran Premio di Varignana 2021 - Cablotech

Cablotech pride

For Cablotech, among the sponsors of Varignana Grand Prix event, which also includes the Cablotech Trophy, is a matter of pride. In fact, Golfieri family has been passionate about cycling for years, sponsoring over the years cycling teams that have also distinguished themselves in very important races, such as Giro d’Italia.

Video highlights

Margo Piattaforma Cribis

At Cablotech we are driven by the desire to improve ourselves, take new paths and consolidate the foundations of our business.

After having formalized the association with ITKAM – Italian-German Chamber of Commerce for the development of the cross-border market and shared the recognition of “Prime Company” obtained by CRIBIS for the third consecutive year, we decided to experiment an innovative way to strengthen our presence in the Italian market.

For this reason, some weeks ago, Cablotech has implemented the use of “Margò” platform in our commercial and marketing procedures.

It consists in a marketing intelligence platform created by CRIBIS, a company of the CRIF group, specialized in the supply of economic and commercial information, services for the development of web based business and data integration and lead management solutions.

CRIBIS guarantees the highest quality standards thanks to its membership in the Dun & Bradstreet Worldwide Network.

The use of Margo Platform offers countless advantages: first of all, it provides useful tools to increase turnover and sales through the analysis and targeting of over 6 million Italian companies; it allows to create lists of prospects with the desired characteristics or among the most similar to current customers through a search method based on the use of more than 300 filters; it also allows to identify the best companies to contact by analyzing the markets and studying its potential growth.
Margò platform uses a semantic search engine that allows to monitor both customers and historical suppliers and at the same time facilitates the search of new ones.

Through the analysis of market maps, it allows to deepen the characteristics and trends of the reference sectors, as well as it allows to create commercial campaigns and to monitor the performances.
The Margò platform also offers us the valuable opportunity to verify our own positioning on the Italian market, analyzing our penetration rate and our growth potential.

In an extremely difficult economic moment in which the market is increasingly complex and with increasingly narrow margins, a change of perspective is required: the customer cannot be the simple object of the transaction, but it is necessary that he becomes the subject with whom to build relationships of mutual value.

Discover more on CRIBIS

Itkam Camera Commercio Italia Germania

ITKAM is an association founded in Germany in 1911 by a group of Italian and German entrepreneurs and it is officially recognized by the Italian State as a Foreign Chamber of Commerce.

ITKAM aims to support SMEs in their business development by promoting international business relationships.

ITKAM is part of a network of over 78 Italian Chambers of Commerce abroad and the experience gained in numerous community projects means that its range of action is not limited exclusively to Italy and Germany but extended to all European and international markets.

The association involves over 400 entrepreneurs operating in various fields, offering a personalized service through complete and structured market analysis, personalized acquisition of partners and customers, the research for staff and managers and of M&A opportunities.

A few days ago we took part to the first (online) event organized to celebrate the 110th anniversary of ITKAM foundation.
Since its creation, ITKAM has been one of the reference points of Italian-German business community (together with AHK – German Chamber of Commerce in Italy) it promotes economic and commercial relations with a view to mutual exchange, knowledge and growth.
Germany and Italy are the two main business players in Europe: Germany is Italy’s first economic – commercial partner and our country is equally important in Germany.

Every day, in every sector, we have experience of how necessary collaboration is at European level and specifically how Italy – Germany interaction is important, since the respective economic and commercial trends are linked to each other and interdependent.

ITKAM has an in-depth knowledge of both markets in which it operates and provides companies and organizations with a wide range of experience and knowledge, thanks to a dense network of partners and the bilingual staff of its offices in Frankfurt, Berlin, Leipzig and other representative offices in Italy, Germany and Austria.

ITKAM Website

Cablotech on ITKAM

Cablotech Riparte - Articolo il Sole 24 Ore

The health emergency has put Cablotech as well in difficulties, although it continued the activity thanks to  ATECO code and as supplier of the medical supply chain and data centers UPS.

Orders and production dropped but it met all economic commitments by closing the first quarter in a draw and deciding not to suffer events but to take advantage of this time to carry out projects for which it had already made important investments: the reorganization of the production layout to optimize flows with a substantial reorganization of the factory and the intervention on the logo and website to communicate the new corporate identity which will be introduced in the coming months. Determined to transform this period of difficulty into opportunity, it prepares itself at the best for the restart.

News article on Il Sole 24 Ore – Saturday June 6th, 2020
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Umberto Marengo KTM Cablotech

Last February we informed you about our Vini Zabu KTM cycling team sponsorship.

Today we are proud to tell you about another aspect of this cooperation: in such a difficult period due to Coronavirus health emergency, we are very happy to support this team that is distinguishing itself not only for cycling performances.

The athlete Umberto Marengo, winner of a fraction of the Tour of Utah in 2019, took the field to bring his free and solidarity aid to Collegno, the city where he lives.

Always riding his KTM, the runner grinds km on km to deliver food, material and supportive packages to the most needy families. An optional way to continue training while giving concrete help during the lockdown.

During this health emergency Cablotech is present both at the production level and with the heart of the athletes it supports. CABLOTECH C’È.

E di Umberto Marengo e della sua splendida iniziativa si è parlato anche al TG1 delle ore 20#ForZabù

Pubblicato da Vini Zabù – KTM su Giovedì 23 aprile 2020
TG1 April 23rd

Le 17 mai dernier, dans le merveilleux cadre du Palais de Résidence du XVIIIe siècle, siège du groupe Intesa San Paolo, Via Farini à Bologne, l’on a primé les entreprises qui ont passé la première sélection du Prix « Women Value Company 2017 », établi par la Fondation Marisa Bellisario (pour ceux qui ne la connaissaient pas, un résumé du profil est fourni en bas de page).
Parmi les 23 entreprises méritantes, sur plus de 600 qui ont participé à la sélection, il y a aussi Cablotech.
Le prix a été décerné par Madame Lella Golfo, Présidente de la Fondation Marisa Bellisario, à Valter Golfieri.
Le prix « Women Value Company » veut mettre en évidence les entreprises publiques et privées de petites et moyennes dimensions, pour la plupart à capital italien et n’appartenant à aucun groupe, qui ont enregistré de bonnes performances économiques et financières et qui font valoir le talent féminin, en plaçant les femmes au cœur de leur stratégie de croissance.
Figurer parmi les 23 entreprises primées représente pour nous une grande satisfaction et de l’orgueil : cette reconnaissance a valorisé la particularité de notre réalité entrepreneuriale qui, bien qu’elle s’occupe de câblage et de cadres, compte 44 femmes sur un total de 64 employés.
Cette mention est dédiée à toutes les femmes Cablotech qui, avec détermination, dévouement et engagement concilient le travail, avec des horaires pas toujours faciles, et les nombreux impératifs de la vie privée : les enfants à suivre à l’école et dans les activités extrascolaires, le soin de la maison, le soin des personnes plus âgées et de la famille en général.
Dans les différentes tâches et rôles de responsabilité tant au bureau que dans la production, les femmes Cablotech ont toujours garanti un travail de qualité, en assurant la ponctualité des livraisons et la satisfaction des clients.
Votre esprit de sacrifice et le caractère multiforme ont permis à l’entreprise de croître et de se développer au fil des années jusqu’à obtenir cette splendide reconnaissance.
Certes, un remerciement va aussi aux hommes qui collaborent avec vous d’une manière constante et profitable.
Un remerciement sincère de la part de toute la Famille Golfieri.
WVC foto di gruppo aziende bologna

Marisa Bellisario
Née dans la province de Cuneo en 1935, diplômée en économie et commerce, débute son aventure professionnelle dans le secteur informatique de l’entreprise Olivetti.
Dès le début, c’est une manager appréciée au niveau national et international pour son caractère décisif, sa capacité et ses compétences.
En l’espace de quelques années, elle relève des défis professionnels importants : en 1963, elle a géré la cession de la division électronique d’Olivetti à General Electric, en 1979, elle a été nommée Présidente d’Olivetti Corporation of America, en 1981, elle a dirigé Italtel en Italie.
A cette époque, la société était en forte crise : un colosse de 30 000 employés qui regroupe 30 entreprises électromécaniques obsolètes et en forte perte.
En tant qu’administrateur délégué, elle doit faire des choix courageux et prospectifs : elle réalise le miracle de transformer un complexe d’usines hors d’usage en une entreprise électronique moderne, dynamique et avant-gardiste.
Un succès incontesté qui la voit présente dans les manuels d’économie comme exemple de restructuration d’une entreprise publique et lui fait gagner, en 1986, le Prix de Manager de l’année.
Il s’agit de la première carrière féminine en Italie dans le monde des télécommunications et de l’informatique.

Marisa Bellisario Foundation
La Fondation Marisa Bellisario a été fondée en 1989 par une idée de Lella Golfo, journaliste, commandante et chevalière du travail.
La Fondation a pour objectif principal d’attirer l’attention du monde politique, des institutions, de l’entreprenariat et du monde du travail sur les idées et les projets novateurs, pour promouvoir et soutenir l’affirmation du professionnalisme des femmes au niveau national et international.
La liste des Femmes primées au cours des années d’activité de la Fondation est le résumé des meilleures énergies féminines dont l’Italie dispose.
La Fondation est l’association italienne de femmes la plus ancienne et influente. C’est un réseau qui rassemble des milliers de managers, d’entrepreneuses et professionnelles, focalisé sur la valorisation des talents au féminin, pour soutenir les femmes dans leurs parcours professionnels, pour favoriser une culture qui voit les femmes comme une ressource fondamentale de l’économie et de la société.

La primavera incalza, e come sempre rifioriscono le attività all’aperto. La primavera 2016 però, non verrà ricordata come quella di un anno qualsiasi. Prende il via il CABLOTOUR di golf, composto di 7 tappe, che coinvolgono gli impianti più prestigiosi e tecnicamente qualificati della regione. Sette come i doni dello Spirito Santo, come le virtù teologali e cardinali, come i mari nell’antica suddivisione dei greci e come la meraviglie del mondo antico e moderno. Ci perdonerete se l’entusiasmo ci ha un po’ trascinato nell’evocazione, ma effettivamente il programma che va a srotolarsi da marzo ad ottobre, è di quelli da fare tremare le vene ai polsi, e le strutture emiliano romagnole prescelte, sono destinate ad ospitare una sfida esaltante, che ci terrà con il fiato sospeso fino all’ultima buca, nella quale si sfideranno campioni di vaglia assoluta, in arene eleganti e confortevoli. Ci auguriamo che il pubblico percepisca la portata dell’evento e intervenga numeroso ma anche che questa impegnativa, quanto gratificante iniziativa, avvicini sempre più gente al nostro sport, stimolando a praticarlo e, fatalmente, ad innamorarsene.

Qui le date del CABLOTOUR nei più prestigiosi Golf Club dell’Emilia Romagna: 
13 Marzo – Bologna Golf Club (Bo)
3 Aprile – Golf Club Le Fonti (Bo)
25 Aprile – Matilde di Canossa (Re)
15 Maggio – Cervia (Ra)
10 Luglio – Rimini (Rn)
11 Settembre – Argenta (Fe) 
1 Ottobre – Modena Golf&Country Club

* l’organizzazione si riserva la facoltà di variare le date per esigenze di calendario

– Ai punti Stableford conseguiti si dovranno sommare gli eventuali punti del piazzamento
– I piazzamenti si intendono per  1° 2° 3° Categoria

1° classificato: punti 25
2° classificato: punti 20
3° classificato: punti 16
4° classificato: punti 14
5° classificato: punti 12
6° classificato: punti 10
7° classificato: punti 8
8° classificato: punti 6
9° classificato: punti 4
10° classificato: punti 2

– Ai fini del punteggio finale, verranno conteggiati i migliori 5 risultati.
– I vincitori (categoria maschile e femminile) del CabloTour Golf 2016 verranno premiati nel corso della tradizionale cena di sociale di fine anno del club.


Cablotech a participé à un projet artistique très intéressant et riche en stimulus, axé sur la collaboration créative entre art et entreprise

Nous sommes heureux d’avoir fait partie des 20 entreprises du chef-lieu bolognais, avec l’Association CNA de Bologne, à réaliser un rêve du sculpteur Michele D’Aniello.

Dans un contexte historique aussi difficile, nous avons cru à un relancement du produit Made in Italy associé à l’art, fleuron de notre pays.

Parmi les objectifs la démonstration de la forte synergie entre industrie et art contemporain, une récente étude d’ERVET (Agence Emilie-Romagne pour la Valorisation Économique du Territoire) confirme que la culture stimule l’économie.