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Rating di Legalità

In May 2019 Cablotech s.r.l. obtained the Legality Rating for the first time; in recent days it has been awarded the renewal of this important recognition, with the aim of promoting and introducing principles of legality and ethics in the business environment.

In today’s economic and social context, the criteria for evaluating the solidity and competitiveness of a company are radically changing: growth is no longer dictated only by balance, profits and losses; instead, the reputational aspect, compliance with the company Code of Ethics, contributing to the general well-being of the community, investment in human capital and protection of the environment are increasingly important.

To “measure” these parameters and give them a concrete and quantifiable value, in 2012 the Antitrust Authority (AGCM) introduced the Legality Rating in order to offer adequate recognition to virtuous companies that demonstrate to have high legal and economic standards of legality that are indicative of the attention paid to the proper management of one’s business.

To date, over 6,000 companies have been awarded the Legality Rating which is assigned a score ranging from one to three stars.

Cablotech obtained a 2-star rating in 2019 and today, on the occasion of the renewal, confirmed the positioning: we have not yet reached the maximum score but, for the moment, we can be satisfied.

What are the advantages deriving from the Legality Rating?

First of all, being present in the list of companies awarded the Legality Rating increases the economic reputation of the company by promoting its visibility on the national market but also improving its competitive positioning at an international level.

In fact, customers and suppliers are increasingly drawing on this list to search for a business partner.

The attribution of the Rating has positive effects also from the point of view of the economic reliability, respectability and credibility of the companies: in fact it also guarantees benefits of an economic nature since it is recognized by our legal system.

For example, the Public Administrations, when preparing the provisions for granting loans, take into account belonging to this list guaranteeing these companies a preferential position in the ranking, assigning an additional score and reserving a share of the financial resources allocated.

Credit Institutions take into account the rating to favor a reduction in the time and costs for granting loans and consider it a decisive variable for the evaluation of access to credit and for the determination of the economic conditions of disbursement.

Who can obtain the Legality Rating?

All companies, both Italian and foreign, which have their operational headquarters in Italy and which have been registered in the business register for at least 2 years at the date of the Rating request, must have achieved a minimum turnover of 2 million euros in the last financial year ended the year preceding the request for the Rating.

The Legality Rating has no cost for companies, has a duration of 2 years from issue and can be renewed upon request.

In Cablotech we have some projects of some importance at the internal organizational level, that we hope, on the occasion of the next renewal in 2023, will allow us to reach the maximum score.

Certificato Tüv 9001:2015 - 2020-2023

With satisfaction we announce that Cablotech has once again obtained the renewal of the TUV certificate which classifies our company as certified to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015.

This acknowledgment vouches that Cablotech values quality in its production system and places it as a guarantee for all customers, suppliers and partners with whom it has long since undertaken a partnership based on quality and cooperation.

Download the certificate.

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