Contributi ripartenza in sicurezza Covid-19

During these months of lock down Cablotech never stopped the production.

We continued our business by implementing all safety necessary measures to ensure a healthy and secure working environment, both for our employees and for our Customers and Suppliers.

Bologna Chamber of Commerce recognized this commitment, so Cablotech was recognized an economic contribution for a safe restart after COVID 19 epidemic.

Cribis Prime Company 2019

Cablotech gained CRIBIS  Prime Company for the year 2019.

This recognition, that emerges from the analysis realized by Cribis – the company of CRIF group specialized in providing commercial information, certifies that Cablotech is among the companies with the highest level of reliability from the point of view of trade relations.

The one fulfilled by CRIBIS is an in-depth analysis: recognizing the reliability of a company from a commercial point of view means attesting a low probability that unsolved payments to suppliers occur within 12 months from the survey; moreover, numerous variables get analyzed, like budget indices, payment experiences, injurious information, besides personal data and the ones related to legal status, geographical area of belonging, dimension and company seniority.

Cribis Prime Company 2019