At CABLOTECH the whole production process follows a strict protocol, which establishes the preparation, development, control, packaging and shipment modes related to each order.
Final orders undergo further revision, in order to guarantee a higher and higher level of flexibility, with an evaluation of the deadlines requested by the customers, based on the actual workload.
Orders reach production, together with all the indications regarding processing and the materials to be used (Bill of materials, Production Process, Inspection sheets). The production process is integrated into the company management system; the time, duration and quantity of each phase is traceable and recorded. This allows us to continuously monitor the advancement of the job,  thus improving the production cycle and enabling us to keep our customers informed in real time.

Wiring  processing always includes the preparation of the electrical cables to be used: cut, sheathing, stripping, marking... Such phases are always carried out by means of specialised automatic machines. Each phase undergoes dimensional and visual in “process” controls.
The crimping phase then follows (electrical terminals are attached to the wire). It is often carried out automatically or semi-automatically, using the wide range of devices available. During this phase, which is the most critical stage in the wiring manufacture process, the protocol mandates rigorous control through specific control systems: dynamometers for physical tolerance as well as micrometers to measure crimp height, in order to test process quality.
All products are manufactured according to the quality control standards of our quality system ISO9001: 2014.
The final assembly of the wiring, together with the possibility of computerised electrical testing, enable us to provide our customers with a final product with no reversal and short-circuiting risks. As far as electromechanical wiring and other control boards are concerned CABLOTECH can carry out specific final functional and quality inspections, also dealing with the issue of the relevant declarations.
Packaging and shipment can be customised. These phases are included in the order general management protocol.
CABLOTECH can assist its customers in wiring (co-)designing, having both the “tools” and the “know-how” necessary to carry out such a service.

Cablotech srl obtained an ISO 9001-TUV certification in 2002. We comply with the environmental regulations. All waste materials are recycled.
We work in full compliance with the safety regulations and the accident prevention rules.

All the materials we use comply with the RoHS 2, 2011/65/CE standard.
In 2008 we completed the installation of a 47 kW photovoltaic plant, covering our annual energy needs;  we have disposed of all asbestos-containing material.
We have taken another step toward energy efficiency, resulting in a 50% reduction in the use of methane gas.
We have combined the energy savings obtained, with continuous improvement aimed at processing effectiveness, resulting in an optimisation of the production costs.

Cablotech products and services are covered by a warranty, provided that the terms of the contract meets with the 24-month minimum efficiency requirements. The warranty does not cover malfunction due to user’s negligence, including - by way of example and not limited to:
misuse or abuse, faulty maintenance, incompetence, carelessness, improper installation.