Our main customers

Their remarks

Cablotech carefully manufactures the wiring assembly for our parking meters. Cablotech material defectiveness index stands at 0%, this is impressive! Câblotech is based in Italy and IEM Switzerland, so communication is really easy, also thanks to the fluent French spoken by all staff members. To be competitive on the highly competitive market we deal with, IEM really needs partners like Cablotech. As a IEM's representative, I take this opportunity to praise Cablotech for the excellent service they have offered for more than three years.

Yvan Horlaville www.iemgroup.com

Cablotech has been our partner for more than 20 years. They have always provided effective and efficient solutions. We are really satisfied with them.

Gianluca Fiorentini www.fiorentinispa.com

Cablotech has been our wiring supplier for the manufacture of prototypes for more than 20 years. Their willingness, readiness and professionalism have remained unchanged over time.

Silvano Dellavalle www.cebora.it

Cablotech technical skills are renowned. We would like to stress the quality, punctuality and their ability to understand the real needs of the customer. It is one of our best partners, we have achieved excellent results.

Carlo Frascari www.tecna.net