Cablotech at the 10th edition of FARETE 2023: the place where companies meet

19 September 2023

Cablotech successfully participated in the 10th edition of the FARETE fair in Bologna, organized by Confindustria, focusing on innovation and Italy-Germany business opportunities.

Massimiliano Golfieri Cablotech Farete 2023

Massimiliano Golfieri together with Valentina and Erika of the sales department, in the Cablotech booth at Farete 2023

Also this year Cablotech participated in the FARETE fair which took place on September 6th and 7th, 2023 in the pavilions of Bologna Fiere.
FARETE is “the event”: the unmissable annual appointment that marks the resumption of commercial and training activities after the summer break.
The two-day event, organized by Confindustria with and for its members, is designed and created to make the businessmen meet themselves, build and strengthen relationships and develop new business opportunities.


Ten years of growth and opportunities

This year the event celebrated its “first” 10 years: born in 2012, it has grown and expanded year after year, becoming a fundamental and highly attended event for local companies.
The event always has a very intense program: the days are full of opportunities for networking, meetings, discussions, training and relationships.


Innovation and international Focus: Italy-Germany

The key appointment of the first day is the Public Assembly of Confindustria Emilia; every year the topic covered is different, but always closely linked to current events.
This year we talked about innvoation, presenting the experiences of a dozen companies that are local excellences and distinguish themselves for their “know-how” in making unique products: just to name a few, from Ducati Motor Holding, Marposs, Philip Morris Italia , Piquadro and Poggipolini.

On the second day, one of the most important events was the conference “Italy-Germany: transitions, new supply chain geographies and opportunities for PMIs”.
The aim was to analyze the effects of the pandemic and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict which led to a reorganization of economic relationships between companies from different geographical areas.

The procurement leaders of large groups in Germany, which is Italy’s main commercial partner, were invited to understand what opportunities could be opened up to Italian PMIs in the near future.
The conference was attended by buyers from large supply chain companies in the machinery, automotive and pharmaceutical sectors, for example Boehringer.


B2B meetings

Another key appointment of the fair are B2B at the International Club.
Every year, for this occasion, Confindutria organizes the incoming of numerous interntional buyers who wish to meet Italian PMIs to create new partnerships and new commercial relationships.

Cablotech also actively participated in these meetings, presenting itself with an agenda full of appointments divided between the two days, filled in by the Sales Office in direct cooperation with the Management, following an attentive analysis of the list of international operators present at the initiative, provided by Confindustria, and the commercial goal of their participation.


Feedbacks and future prospects for Cablotech

The Management of Cablotech was pleasantly surprised by the highly heterogeneous presence of the buyers, both in terms of sector to which they belong but also and above all of origin: operators who have undertaken considerable travels in search of solutions and new opportunities to make improvements in their markets, which range from the more strictly commercial sector to that of civil engineering.

No less interesting were the visits to our stand and the meetings between the pavilions, in which buyers of mostly Italian origin in this case, whose gaze was captured by the images of the exhibition panels or the company video, saw in us a potential partner able of satisfying your needs in terms of wiring and electrical panels.
There was also the opportunity to revive existing relationships, evaluating, why not, new opportunities.

This year’s experience was therefore particularly satisfying in its entirety and Cablotech Sales Office is already working in the back office to analyze the requests received from the first day of the fair, hoping they will lead to interesting developments.

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