Spring is urging and, as usual, activities bloom outside. 2016 spring will not be remembered as a usual one. 7 stages golf CABLOTOUR will take place and will involve the most prestigious and technically skilled facilities of the region. Seven, like Holy Spirit gifts, like theological and cardinal virtues, like the seas number up to the ancient Greeks subdivision and like the wonders number of the antique and modern world. Please forgive if our enthusiasm somehow dragged us evocating but actually  the program taking place from March to October can shake the wrists veins. Emilia Romagna chosen structures, will host an exciting challenge, which will take our breath away up to the last hole thanks to important champions who will perform in elegant and comfortable arenas. We wish the public will perceives the purpose of the event and will attend in considerable number. We even wish that this challenging and gratifying enterprise will approach more and more people to our sport, stimulating them trying and fatally making them falling in love with it.

Here are the CABLOTOUR dates:
13.3 – Bologna Golf Club (Bo)
3.4 – Golf Club Le Fonti (Bo)
25.4 – Matilde di Canossa (Re)
15.5 – Cervia (Ra)
10.7 – Rimini (Rn)
11.9 – Argenta (Fe) 
1.10 – Modena Golf&Country Club


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