Investments 2015

18 December 2015| Company

The Cablotech path continues in the strategy of investments that, even recently, have been numerous and precise.

Schleuniger Megastrip

Schleuniger Megastrip

It has been completely renovated the server roomincluding a cluster with IBM hardware, both of the latest generation. This structure guarantees performance and security thanks to a largely oversized hardware.

The server room is protected by a double firewall for full protection with constant content analysis. This protection is complemented by a high-efficiency daily backup system with remote saving of both office and production virtual machines.

The above-mentioned performance upgrade obviously has appreciable virtuous repercussions both on the overall quality of work and on production, improving, among other aspects, the exchange of information and the automation of ordinary practices.

Investments have continued to replace black and white inkjet printers.

For the black printer the choice fell on a marker with a 55 micron nozzle that allows you to get to mark on a wire with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm equal to that of an AWG 24 style 1007 with the font in bold. During the shut down phase, the nozzle block occurs automatically, and solvent consumption is very low, only 2 ml/h.

For the white, a printer was chosen that would handle pigmented ink even in the Standby phase, with reliable Start-Stop operations thanks to a sealed nozzle system. The latter in the 60 micron version still allows you to get to mark on a wire with an outer diameter of 1.5 mm equivalent to that of an AWG 22 style 1007 without bold font.

Another measure involved replacing the black inkjet printer on the flat cable cutting line, which includes new WP-cable software. The latter allows the positioning and characterization of the text according to the client’s specifications.

All newly installed printers are equipped with a light column and an audible warning in case of downtime or low consumable level.

Below is a brief list of other machines and equipment recently introduced into the process:

Modular cutter and stripper, equipped with booster on the cutting head for processing cables up to an outside diameter of 35 mm or 240 mm2.
In addition to having a multi-blade cutting head, the machine is equipped with a Smart Blade system for quick replacement of the blade sets with automatic locking and unlocking of the guide sets and integrated scrap collector.
There is also a slitting unit for longitudinal cutting, which allows unsheathing far above the usual standards.
Obviously, a suitable software has been installed on the cutter and stripper, obtaining a significant increase in flexibility in the management of the data present in the library, with consequent reduction of setting errors and not negligible time savings.
When a text format file (ASCII) is provided by the customer, our technical office is able to import lists even exceeding 1000 lines with wire or cable data.
The software has been updated to the latest version on every size and skin in the company and this process will continue.

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