CNA Imola visita Cablotech

We had the pleasure of receiving the first official visit of Mr. Luca Palladino, President of CNA Imola Metropolitan Association, elected on June 29, together with the CNA General Secretary Mr. Sergio Silvestrini and the director Mrs. Ornella Bova.

During the meeting we presented the story of CABLOTECH: from its birth in the family garage to its current reality of 3200 square meters and 50 employees, which has been reached thanks to the continuous desire to improve and always achieve new growth goals.

We illustrated how CABLOTECH is facing the current pandemic situation, which forced us to slow down in production with a few months of layoffs. Now we fortunately overcame thanks to a recovery due to numerous requests from new customers who have brought back to a satisfactory production level.

During the visit to the production plant we presented the new layout and the new investments in machinery and equipment thanks to which it was possible to optimize productivity.

The improvements made also aim to keep the focus on safety for employees and on the importance of making the work environment more comfortable.

We would like to thank Imola CNA delegation for the visit and for the interest shown.

We are confident that we can continue the satisfactory collaboration with the aim of constant growth as a local company.

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