The electrical panel: how it is made at Cablotech

13 January 2023| Educational

The electrical panel is an energy-sorting centre, essential because it powers all sockets, lights and electronic devices. It is built in compliance with the highest safety standards to protect consumers and people.
This article will address in detail how the Cablotech technicians create one.

Industrial Electrical Panel Manufacturing - Cablotech

Switchboards manufacturing by Cablotech technicians

How Cablotech manufactures Electrical Panels

In the previous article we found out what an electrical panel is and what functions it performs, now we will cover in detail how it is made by Cablotech.

Cablotech activity focuses on Machine On Board electrical panels and
electrical panels for Diagnostics.
There are numerous essential steps to create an industrial electrical panel. Here at Cablotech we support the customer in co-designing to identify all the preparation diagrams and procedures to create the electrical panel.

The customer provides us with the wiring diagram and layout of the electrical panel.
Once we have completed the component layout and chosen the wiring diagram with the relevant conductor cross-sections and colours, we move on to the next phase: determining the cable lengths after which they are cut and trimmed.
With the aid of CAD or even by physically inspecting them in the electrical box, the aim is to prepare an electronic sheet that can be read by the cutting machines, which will be able to cut and, above all, mark each conductor, according to the indications provided.

Once it has been ensured the cable cutting process has been optimally performed, the following step is seaming on presses or using hand pliers for special crimping.
Depending on the case and requirements, the cables may be subject to further modifications, such as additional marking by means of tags or sheathing. There are various types of sheaths: mesh, PVC, flexible, etc. and they are essential to protect cables from passages that could be potentially damaging to the cable insulation thereby always ensuring compliance with the safety regulations.
If necessary, connectors are also applied: therefore, once the seaming of the appropriate terminals has been completed, they are inserted into the connector, always keeping the previously designed wiring diagram as the main reference point.
In the electrical box, the components and terminals are labelled to catalogue the functions of each one; after this operation, cable ducts and cable glands are arranged for the passage of cables to then be able to proceed with their wiring once the seaming is complete.

Cablotech Industrial electrical panels production

The next step is to lay the cables in the electrical box with the aid of specially calibrated screwdrivers, or even with screwdrivers in the case of delicate or particularly complicated tightening. All this is always carried out with reference to the wiring diagram or to the previous electronic wire, which also contains information on the individual conductors and their insulation.
The technicians will also use torque spanners to check tightening torques, further fine-tuning the system.

Once all these operations, of varying duration and complexity, have been completed, the following step is a visual or even cross-check, using an operator who has not contributed to the construction of the electrical panel.
For additional safety for the benefit of the electrical panel and the customer, an electrical test is also carried out, performed by technicians with regular PES/PAV certification.

At this point, the electrical panel is ready to be packed, labelled and shipped to the customer’s selected location.

Thanks to our long-standing and proven experience in electrical wiring, switchboards and electromechanical assemblies, for over 25 years our flagship has been the customisation of our services according to customer requirements.

We focus on meeting users’ needs, contributing to the realisation of small and large customised projects.

We pay attention to every step of the process and perform acceptance tests and final overhauls before delivering the products.

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