Again on Cablotech investments: new cutting-stripping-crimping machine provided with a gripper system which allows minimal overhang. It allows a better wire  positioning for a maximum performance of the machine with very small terminals. It’s possible to handle a  wide range of wire types (12AWG -30AWG) and length (min. 25 mm – depending on the stripping length) . The machine is even equipped with Tool Cart  for an easy replacement both of  applicators and coil  terminals.  It’s even provided with  presses – controlled by brushless motors – able to control the crimping forces and to schedule running and machine  cycle. A digital micrometer supports the quality,  measuring crimp height and sending the results directly to the automatic machine. Then, if new sections are requested, a  Sencor allows to update  the cutting group with most corrected data  The same software is shared  with the other similar machines of the company.cr11
A new hydraulic press to crimp bulk terminals up to 400 mm2., with about 250 storable programmable features. The machine is also provided with a  trigger and a very fast cycle. Quite perceptible  feature considering also the importance of the sections crimped.

The last equipment we list is a stripping and crimping machine to process  multi-core cables with very small sections, ranging  from 12AWG to 30AWG. All stripping parameters and special functions are set and saved on a dedicated panel. It’s also equipped with terminal oiler for gold terminals and cut strip.
Obviously Cablotech intent is to persevere along this continuous improvement process, in order to guarantee an utmost attention to our customer.

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