We got a makeover – Part 1: New company layout

12 September 2022| Company

Thirty years after its establishment, Cablotech, a leading wiring harness and assembly company, introduces itself to customers and suppliers in a new look: revamped production layout, values and skills as always.

Quality - Iso 9001 Automatic vertical storage systems Cablotech

Cablotech’s new automated vertical warehouses

This journey starts way back.
From 2018, when the last block of the factory was renovated for the expansion of the production area.
Perhaps from even earlier, to the dawn of the 2000s when, with the launch of our first website and the design of our logo, we became a brand.
However, if we want to start at the very beginning, we have to go back to 1993.
1993 is a year of crisis, in Italy as in the world. Here we witness the disintegration of an entire political class, while the fall of the countries of real socialism changed the face of the world we knew. It was the year of the Maastricht Treaty.
Moreover, it is the year when, Valter and Massimiliano Golfieri’s project began to take shape in a garage in Osteria Grande.
Of course, the birth of a tiny start-up in the province of Bologna is definitely a micro-event, if compared to such a big picture. As small as a spark in a pile of ashes.

Valter and Maximilian, father and son, have ideas on how to innovate wiring technology through the use of state-of-the-art machinery that can increase reliability and performance.
Quality, innovation and hard work pay off: Within a short time, Valter and Massimiliano made a name for themselves and their idea began to grow.
In 1996, only three years later, Cablotech already has headquarters covering 600 square meters; between 1997 and 1999, it takes possession of the first 3,000 square meters of the current plant.
Meanwhile, production expands to new fields and, along with turnover, technology, skills and vision grow.

Today, almost thirty years later, Cablotech wants to share with customers the excitement of the beginning of a new season, which sees the conclusion of the path that led to the renewal of our production layout and brand image.


Our history

We inaugurated the last factory block in 2018 and we were finally ready to expand the production area.
In the meantime, Cablotech had changed; it had opened up to new markets; it had implemented new production processes, gaining more and more experience in making custom electrical wiring harnesses, complete switchboards and electromechanical assemblies of all kinds; and it had initiated successful collaborations in numerous industries such as electro-medical, static uninterruptible power systems, welding machines and automatic payment systems.
Moreover, it obtained, in addition to the ISO 9001-TÜV held since 2002, certifications such as the Legality Rating (2 stars) related to ethical standards and the CRIBIS Prime Company for reliability in business relations.
Cablotech has always distinguished itself by being highly responsive to the challenges of the contemporary world: as early as 2008, it had become energy self-sufficient through the installation of a photovoltaic system while reducing methane gas consumption by 50 per cent through a redefinition of internal processes.

Looking carefully, the world of 2018 was also a different world.
A world that was again about to be overwhelmed by events that would revolutionize many aspects of it. By the end of the following year, in fact, we began to talk about a virus destined to have an entirely unprecedented impact on humanity.
The Covid-19 pandemic would shake many of our certainties: from a health emergency it would soon become an economic emergency as well, and eventually a social one, forcing everyone to become somewhat familiar with digital technologies, so much so that many analysts would speak of the pandemic as an ‘accelerator of the future’.
It may be that we were already on the move, but we at Cablotech did not let ourselves be overwhelmed,
proving once again that every crisis hides an opportunity: it is precisely under the banner of this philosophy that Cablotech was born, which has retained the indelible imprint of this philosophy in the company DNA.
Today we believe we have arrived on time at the appointment with the future.

The Cablotech family

A new production layout

However, back to 2018, when our need for a renewed production layout was answered by Opta, an exceptionally valuable partner specializing in supply chain redesign.
Mauro Marini’s team, an electrical engineer and professor at the department of industrial engineering at the University of Bologna, put in place a long and careful observation of our plants and production ecosystem.
Extraordinary fieldwork that led to a redefinition of the flow of goods and processing that could make us more efficient and competitive. Opta consultants assisted us by listening to the needs and objectives of management, but also to the daily needs of employees in production.
Armed with a tape measure, they literally ‘measured’ us: they calculated, designed, proposed and redesigned until together we came up with the new production layout.
The previous route of goods and processing was completely changed.
Now their flow follows a physiological and fluid itinerary that allowed us to optimize space and divide the areas dedicated to the different processes in a more defined and orderly manner. Two automatic vertical warehouses have been introduced.
The current production area is distributed over 3500 square meters, organized and well connected.
In the meantime, our collaboration began with Innova Finance a consulting company in subsidized finance, which, together with Ecipar, would guide us through the maze of bonuses, and tax breaks for SMEs: it is only thanks to their expertise and professionalism that we were able to brilliantly face the challenges ahead, investing above all in technology and training.

To be continued in the second part…

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