We got a makeover – Part 2: New logo and new website

20 November 2022| Company

Thirty years after its establishment, Cablotech, a leading wiring harness and assembly company, introduces itself to customers and suppliers in a new look: new brand identity and website, values and skills as always.

The new Cablotech brand identity

A new brand identity

Now that the production layout was completed (see Part 1) and the appearance of the plant changed, we felt different and we wanted an image that would reflect our renewed identity: so we decided to change our logo.
This rebranding was not an easy choice: we were fond of the historical brand that we had used since the 2000s.
However, we have always been among those who, when the wind of change blows, prefer windmills to walls.
So we redid the make-up.
At this stage with heavy emotional and symbolic implications, we chose as our traveling companion a very talented designer: Alessandro Scarpellini, who was able to create a new and contemporary logo that makes us feel true to ourselves and at the same time projected into the future.
Because a rebranding is precisely what happened: a funambulistic balancing act between past and future, in which it is important to know well what should be preserved and what should be radically transformed.
And so, thanks to Alessandro’s vision, we have chosen to keep some essential requirements of recognisability, the historical corporate colours that represent the founding values of our company – those that, like any self-respecting winning horse, cannot be changed: attention to the quality of work and ecological and social sustainability of production, the world of work seen as an engine of progress for society. Again the pursuit of full customer satisfaction as well as the spread of the Made in Italy culture.
The stages of conception and graphic realization, however, do not exhaust the operation of rebranding a logo, which demands a further strategic step: filing and registration in Italy and abroad.
Here another protagonist of our journey makes his appearance: Federico Faggioli of Studio Torta, who literally ‘took us by the hand’ and led us, with confidence and competence, into the fascinating but intricate world of the industrial property code and its bureaucratic procedures.
In less than a year, thanks to him, we completed the process in Italy and in the new markets to which we opened: Switzerland, Austria, France, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany.

Cablotech Website Mockup

A new website

To close the circle, a new website in perfect agreement with the exciting identity operation we were undertaking was essential.
Another opportunity to create value.
To effectively communicate the new corporate image, we thought about a radical modernization in graphics, usability and website performance so that it could offer users the best possible experience.
To do so, we used the know-how of White Studio, a creative team we have known forever and which once again lived up to our expectations by redefining in graphic and functional terms the interface with which we present ourselves to the world as we are: coming from far away and heading even farther.
At the end of the journey, tired but happy, we can say that the new image conveyed by the restyling coincides perfectly with the concrete ideas, content and ‘substance’ that we have always carried.
And we hope to be able to share with our long-standing clients and with those who would like to become them the exhilaration of this new adventure.

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