Wiring Harness – How it is made by Cablotech

31 January 2023| Educational

Wiring harnesses are an essential part of electronic systems and devices, allowing energy and electrical signals to be transported within a system and making it possible for the devices themselves to function.
In this article we will see how it is manufactured by Cablotech and how the design and installation of a suitable system is essential to ensure the correct functioning of the wiring of electronic systems and electrical panels.

Pre-assembled wiring harness - Cablotech

Cablotech technicians assemble preformed wiring harnesses with automatic wrapping machine

How Cablotech manufactures wiring harness

In the previous article we looked at what a wiring harness is and what it consists of, now we will find out how it is manufactured by Cablotech.

At Cablotech we have specialised for over 25 years in the creation of electrical cabling using state-of-the-art equipment, guaranteeing high standards of quality, complete customisation and an ad hoc service for every type of industry.

We use automatic machines to perform various operations such as the cutting, stripping, marking and seaming of cables.

The first step is to program the automatic machines to perform the required operations, which can be achieved using special software to set the cutting, stripping and seaming data.

Once the machines have been programmed, the cables are prepared and loaded into the automatic machine.

The cabling production process may start from a customer’s technical drawing, or from an idea of the customer, or even from a sample provided by the customer;
the technical department screens every step.

We then interface with our suppliers to evaluate the components to ensure that they meet the required characteristics as closely as possible.

All these operations are performed automatically, ensuring that the cables are correctly prepared for the next step.

After the cutting and stripping phase, the cable is ready to be seamed with its terminals, verifying it has been correctly executed.
The cable can then be sheathed and connected to specific connectors.

Finally, an electrical and visual cross-check is carried out, i.e. the person who performs the test is not the person who performed the cabling.

At the end of the process, the wiring harness is packed and shipped or it can be taken to assembly to be wired into an electrical cabinet or into other electromechanical equipment.

Quality controls on Cablotech wiring harness

Quality control is a fundamental element in the creation of cabling; the standards on which our controls are based allow us to
limit errors as far as possible, ensuring the cabling meets our customers’ specific requirements.

Finally, we are able to qualitatively identify each individual harness we send to the customer via QR code.

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